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52 Weeks Money Challenge App: Your Piggy Bank Tracker

Challenge yourself and take the 52 weeks money challenge app for Android! Have you ever been in a situation where you tried this challenge to save up for yourself and halfway your savings journey, you find the struggle to actually reach your target goals? You’re not alone.
52 Weeks Challenge: Save Money Mobile App for Android
52 Weeks Challenge: Save Money Mobile App for Android

With this free app from Play Store, keep track of your savings in the palm of your hands. The app is flexible, you can define how much you need to save each week and its start date. You can make a deposit in your piggy bank saving container as small as you can for that week and reward yourself an ice cream after you completed the whole 52 weeks money challenge!
Track Records & Partial Records feature
Track Records & Partial Records feature

Did I also mention that you can try the challenge in reverse? With this new feature, start with the biggest amount on your first week then gradually decreases for later weeks. That is, if you really want to be a hardcore piggy bank master.
Savings Setup & My Goals page
Savings Setup & My Goals page

There is no age limit to start this challenge. The app is designed for kids, toddlers, or adults who want to achieve savings goals. With its goal feature, you can now keep your goal list in this app and get inspired every time you save money in your piggy bank.

Features of the 52 Weeks Money Challenge App

Reverse mode challenge - Most 52 weeks challenge apps do not this feature, the idea is you start your week with the biggest amount and gradually decreases it as time goes by.
Preferred Start Date - Start the challenge any date you want, want next month? No problem.
Flexible Weekly Increase - If you are tight on budget, you might want to lower the weekly increase.
Initial Amount - You have an initial savings you want to cover that in the challenge, the app got you.
Track Goals - Declare all your goals with desired amount in the app. That way, another reason for money saving motivation.
Currencies - The app supports more than 50+ currencies, choose your own.
Track Savings - Armed with simple and clean statistics screen, never lose track with your savings progress again.

The app will continue to be free. What are you waiting for? Download now on Google Play. Please also visit their Facebook page for more info.
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