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Cloudfone Teases More Smartphones With 18:9 Screen Ratio

On top of the upcoming 5.7 inch edition of Next, Cloudfone has teased few more devices with sleek and sexy looking smartphones with 18:9 screen aspect ratio.
Cloudfone Teases More Smartphones With 18:9 Screen Ratio
Next Infinity series?

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In a recent tech report by our friends from Teknogadyet, a tipster sent them an image showing 3 other prototype models equipped with the next-generation 18:9 displays.

Two of those phones reminds of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. One of them has striking similarities with the impressive LG G6.

According to the source, these handsets will feature premium design, specs, cameras and overall performance for the price.

Let's also expect Cloudfone to include their revamped camera software and hardware with auto-portrait mode, 2x lossless zoom and manual camera controls.

Based on the recent surprises of Cloudfone, we won't be surprised if they'll come up with even more #Awesome features.

They will be dubbed as, Next Infinity, Next Infinity Plus, and Next Infinity Pro.

The devices will be available here in the Philippines this Q4 of 2017 or the "ber" months. 

Awesome and exciting right?

Source: Teknogadyet
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