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Cloudfone's Next Infinity Pro Will Feature An 18:9 Screen With Dual Selfie Cameras

In line with the company's new focus on providing an #AwesomeSelfie experience in style, Cloudfone is already prepping their guns for the last quarter of 2017.
Cloudfone 18:9 Screen With Dual Selfie Cameras
Cloudfone 18:9 with dual selfie

One of them is the 3rd upcoming smartphone from the company with an 18:9 aspect ratio curved display dubbed a the Cloudfone Next Infinity Pro.

The interesting part? Cloudfone managed to include a dual camera setup in front.

According to Cloudfone putting a single camera on a smartphone with 18:9 aspect ratio is easy. But, equipping a handset like that with a dual camera module is a different story and will be is more complicated.

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Unfortunately, the details are still scarce for now. We still don't know the exact type of dual cameras they'll use. Let's expect this to be a part of the Next series with beefier overall specs.

At least 4 GB RAM, 64 GB storage, and Snapdragon chipset please?

Quite exciting right?
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