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Facebook Celebrated World Photo Day

Thousands of photos are being shared by the hour using Facebook and Messenger. Last August 19th, World Photo Day celebrated the art of photography and Facebook wants us to take part in it.
Celebrate with your photos
Celebrate with your photos

Sharing photos has seen a lot of changes throughout the years. Facebook and Messenger has adapted to these changes and evolved to have a better, more effective photo sharing tools. These tools allow you to have fun through frames, masks and a lot of other features. You can express your feelings and creativity more freely through these tools too.

Facebook wants us to take advantage and enjoy the photo sharing tools that they have. They provided some tips that will help us maximize these tools and make our photos more visible to our loved ones and friends.
Philippines is among the Top 10 in photo shares
Philippines is among the Top 10 in photo shares

Facebook Stories and Messenger Day are apps that allow you to share photos and videos throughout the day to help tell your story. These photos and videos are only visible for 24 hours and will not interfere in your timeline or Messenger feeds. 

Another thing that you can take advantage of is Facebook's camera tools. As we have mentioned before, masks, filters and frames are available at your disposal when you use Facebook's camera tool. You can go crazy with it and be a fox, breathe fire or put a cat on your head.

A great addition in Facebook is the Featured Photos section. You can highlight up to 5 photos that always be visible to those who visit your timeline. You can put your best shots, most sentimental shots or anything that you want to be highlighted.

Photo Albums has been a staple Facebook feature but, just like everything else, it evolved with time too. You can now follow and unfollow specific albums, collaborate and share with friends in one album and even feature a few albums on your timeline just like Featured Photos.

The latest tech that Facebook integrated in their photo sharing field is Photos in 360. You can now share photos that put your friends in the same spot as you are in the photo. They can view the photo in all it's glory via 360 degree feature. Take them in the moment with you.
Messenger's Top 10 Photo Sharers
Messenger's Top 10 Photo Sharers

This is a great way for Facebook to let their users have the ability to express more out of their photos. 

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