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IDC: Top 5 Smartphone Vendors In PH Last Q2 2017

The International Data Corporation has released the list of the 5 best performing smartphone vendors in the Philippines last quarter 2 of 2017. With Chinese vendors emerging, how did the local brands fare?
IDC: Top 5 Smartphone Vendors Highlights In PH Last Q2 2017
Smartphone vendor share graph from IDC

The local vendor share of the smartphone market went down from 49% last year to 41% this year. Even after the aggressive marketing ploys of Chinese smartphone vendors, our local vendors still have a better standing compared to other Southeast Asian countries. This shows that Filipinos still patronize local brands unlike in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia whose shares went down to 19%, 11%, 6%, 1% respectively.

Jerome Dominguez, Market Analyst for Client Devices of IDC Asia/Pacific/, chimed into the state of local smartphone market stating that:

OPPO and vivo disrupted the smartphone retail space through cash-rich marketing, aggressive sales promoter incentives and previously unseen levels of retailer support. This challenged the traditional vendor-dealer relationship smartphone vendors have been accustomed to, and while leading vendors have been able to adapt, smaller players with less marketing and merchandising budget on their disposal were unable to do so, thus suffering drops in market shares says Jerome Dominguez, Market Analyst for Client Devices, IDC Asia/Pacific.

The Philippines’ global vendor shares of the smartphone market still remain at 27% with only Samsung as a strong performer. On the other hand, Chinese vendors shares jumped from 15% to 22%.

Q2 2017 Top 5 Vendor Highlights and Future Outlook

1. Cherry Mobile - Cherry Mobile is still number 1 in the Philippines. Their campaign to release phones that are aimed for the masses kept their sales high. They also improved their ad campaigns and TV air-time through noon time shows.

2. Samsung - The Samsung J series definitely helped them in maintaining their sales volume up. They also improved their promoter incentives to compete with the emerging Chinese vendors.

3. OPPO - 3rd on the list, OPPO reached the masses by partnering up Home Credit. This move provide the masses a way to afford their smartphones with 0% interest and no credit card requirements. Add the more aggressive marketing approach, the strategy proved to be the key for OPPO's growth. 

4. Cloudfone - Sports driven Cloudfone finished at 4th place due to their partnership with the NBA and PBA. However, the main reason for their growth is their effort to provide affordable yet capable smartphones to their target audience.

5. Vivo - Vivo has been aggressive with their marketing strategies in the Philippines. With marketing tours covering most of Manila, Stephen Curry's endorsement and great promoter incentives, their growth is no surprise.

Agree with the list?

Sources: IDC, Cloudfone
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