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Tronsmart Element T2 Review - When Outdoors Get Tough

Given the numerous options of Bluetooth speakers in the market today, it could be a tough order to select the one that really fits the bill especially if you want it to be able to go wherever you go.
Here you are Tronsmart Element T2!
Here you are Tronsmart Element T2!

The recently announced Tronsmart Element T2 may just be that for you. It's a portable speaker with loud drivers, Bluetooth connectivity and water resistance.

Wanna know more? Read on!

Tronsmart Element T2 Specs

Drivers: Two 3.5 Watts 
Battery: Up to 12 hours of usage
Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.2, 3.5 mm
Wireless range: up to 15 m
Others: Built in microphone, water resistance
Dimensions: 165 x 110 x 65 mm
Weight: 396 g
Price: PHP 1,624

Disclaimer: This review unit was seeded by Tronsmart Philippines for our review

Unboxing and Accessories

Box and accessories
Box and accessories

The Element T2 is enclosed in a fashionable purple box. Along with it comes a carabiner that can be attached to the integrated loop on the T2 for when your on the go, a 3.5 jack for short range connectivity, and a USB cable for charging.
So many accessories!
So many accessories!

Build Quality / Design

Top panel
Top panel

Aesthetically the Element T2 goes on the simpler side of life. It has a minimalist design but has a very sturdy feel to it. The whole device is enclosed in a rubberized exterior that protects from drops and bumps. The control buttons are seamlessly molded on the rubber enclosure at the top and are large and easy to to press.
side panel
side panel

Aux and USB ports can be found under a rubberized panel on the side. There’s a pair of LED indicators on the top of the device and some rubberized nudges at the bottom that prevents the devices from slides and skids. The Element T2 also has an integrated loop for when you want it to hang from your bags or haul it with your things in the beach or hike.

Overall construction is solid!

Size wise, the device can easily be handled. Its about the size and weight of a soda can. In terms of proofing the Element T2 has an IPX56 certification which means that it can sustain splashes and sprays of water which makes this a very ideal gadget for hikes and pool side parties.


This device uses Bluetooth 4.2 which is compatible with most devices nowadays. Pairing the device is simple and quick. The device gives out distinctive sounds for different events like power up/down, paired, low battery, etc. which makes it easy to identify what you are doing and what you should do. The overall controls on the device are accurate and I only experienced lags when the speaker is more than 15 meters away which is a great range by the way.

Additionally, it is also very adept answering phone calls when paired to your phone with just a press of the bluetooth button to answer. This a very good feature especially when you're phone is stashed away or in the drawer.

Battery Life

Tronsmart proudly flaunts that the Element T2 battery life can last up to 12 hours. From my extensive use, that is not far from the truth. For someone like me who likes to fill my work space with music, having a device that does it for long hours is such a wonderful thing. Charging takes approx. 2 hours from lights out which is not bad at all.

Sound Quality

First things first. Using the cable or paired by Bluetooth, the audio quality is superb. It has wonderful bass while maintaining the clarity of tone that just fills up a room with music. What I exceptionally like is that the sound does not distort at max volume. That is really a refreshing thing given the super bass driven Bluetooth speakers market in the PH.

Audio is superb!

One thing I want to point out though is that this is not a 360 degree speaker. The speakers are directional but positioned in the center of the device. From how I understand it, this is intended to reverb the bass back so that it wouldn't be overpowering. This does not take away from the ridiculously amazing audio quality and output but knowing this is kind of off-putting.

Overall, This device has an amazing output and a very decent range. It packs a really good punch for the price. You can enjoy a wide range of music without worrying if the sound quality would be satisfactory. I have had a few bluetooth speakers in the past but none have had the bang for the buck as this one has.

Pros - Top notch audio quality at this price point, lightweight, portable, very sturdy, amazing battery life
Cons - not much focus on aesthetics, speaker positioning is off-putting.


Bang for the buck! With the "ber" months approached, Great audio quality plus an amazing battery life would really put this at the top of your Christmas wish list. If you are not much into the looks, but would want an audio companion for your next barkada trip, this may just be the Bluetooth speaker for you.

The Tronsmart Element T2 is available for purchase at Lazada Philippines and other gadget stores nationwide.

Build / Design - 3.75
Features - 4
Battery Life - 4.75
Sound - 4.25
Average - 4.187 / 5
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