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Brother's InkBenefit A3 Series: A Printer That Oozes Creativity

The creative industry requires color and texture to express your ideas, you need tools that will help you bring those to life. Brother launched the InkBenefit A3 to help you bring your ideas to life with prints.
Brother's InkBenefit A3 series promises quality with efficiency
Brother's InkBenefit A3 series promises quality with efficiency

Different creative jobs need a specific type of printing job. Architects mostly need large scale printing while interior designers need the ability to print vibrant images to capture the exact texture and design they want to showcase. On the other hand, advertising companies will value precise, clear and efficient prints before anything else.

That is why Brother, the leading Japanese home and business solution brand, built the InkBenefit A3 series of printers. They want to emphasize that they value creativity and their printers will help you in your particular printing needs. There are four inkjet models that will be released namely the MFC-3930DW InkBenefit, MFC-J3530DW InkBenefit, MFC-J2730DW InkBenefit and MFC-J2330DW InkBenefit.

The InkBenefit A3 series promises to deliver quality and dependable prints in less time. Creative peeps can now enjoy printing with 22ipm mono prints, 20 ipm color prints and a 6-second First Print Out Time. You can now maximize your time conceptualizing and creating ideas because you don't have to worry about long print queues anymore.
The InkBenefit A3 series of printer will be able to use cloud printing with its WebConnect feature
The InkBenefit A3 series of printer will be able to use cloud printing with its WebConnect feature

If you are looking for a printer that can connect to your device without needing a router then InkBenefit A3 series is for you. You can be rushing for a meeting and in need to print out your story boards or heck even some kind of handout, the A3 series can directly communicate with your phone and print them out for you!

This also extends in the usage of cloud printing via apps such as Brother's own iPrint&Scan, Apple's AirPrint, Google Cloud Printing and Mopria. Brother's WebConnect feature can also work with Facebook, Google Drive, One Drive and Dropbox.

Manual paper refilling is less daunting here since the A3 series will allow for up to 600 sheets of paper to be loaded at a time. Multi-page printing is less of a hassle as well as you can have up to 50 sheets ready for Automatic Document Feeding feature.

Brother's InkBenefit A3 series will also sport a more efficient yet quality inking system. It has a new pigment based ink with optional high yield cartridges that can print up to 3,000 mono prints and 1,500 color prints. These inks are also fade and water resistant ensuring a long lasting print.

Brother promises to help creative peeps spend more time conceptualizing projects instead of waiting for print queues to finish. They promise to deliver quality prints in less time constantly.
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