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Google Acquires HTC's Pixel Division For To Produce Its Own Smartphones!

Google has just signed an agreement w/ HTC to continue the company's big bet on hardware and offer the best Google experience on their future smartphonesIt will be across software, hardware, and service.
Google Acquires HTC's Pixel Division For To Produce Its Own Smartphones!
Google x HTC

As a quick recap, Google has previously partnered w/ different mobile brands to produce their and smartphones and other electronic consumer gadgets. But, with this new agreement, Google will now have the power to produce their own hardware and tune their software properly in it.

Google mentioned that with this new agreement w/ HTC, Google will even push product innovation in the years ahead.

In many ways, this agreement is a testament to the decade-long history of teamwork between HTC and  Google. Together, we’ve achieved several mobile-industry firsts, including the first ever Android smartphone, the HTC Dream, also known as the T-Mobile G1 (I loved mine!); as well as the Nexus One in 2010, the Nexus 9 tablet in 2014, and the first Pixel smartphone just last year.

This agreement will let a team of HTC talent join Google as a part of the hardware organization to work closely on the Pixel smartphone line. The deal also includes a non-exclusive license for HTC intellectual property.

In addition, Google has a new goal of bringing their new devices to more people around the world.

According to Reuters, Google acquired HTC's Pixel division for USD 1.1!

Google is currently preparing to unveil their second generation products on October 4 which should include the new Pixel phones.

Stay tuned!

Sources: Google, Reuters
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