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Apple iOS 11 Update Now Live: Are You Getting The Update?

As expected, Apple released their newest version of iOS. There are a lot of new features with iOS 11 with the tagline "A giant step for iPhone. A monumental leap for iPad." Let's check it out!
iOS 11 Update is now released
iOS 11 Update is now released

Apple promises to make the iPhone and iPad more powerful and productive than ever. They promise a more intelligent interface and system that will take advantage of your devices' capabilities.

There will be a new Files app wherein you can browse all the files on your devices, iCloud and as well as third party apps such as DropBox. The Dock is also improved for the iPad as it is now available in any screen you are in. You can easily access and switch apps on the fly.

iOS 11 is also making use of the iPad's larger screen for multitasking. You can now open one more app from the Dock which can then share the screen with another app via Split View or Slide Over feature.

There are more new features that you can check out here. However, is your device getting the iOS 11 update? Here are the devices listed to get the update as of the moment:
Apple devices compatible with iOS 11
Apple devices compatible with iOS 11

So are you excited for the update? Which new feature are you hyped about?

Let us know in the comments!

Source: Apple
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