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Be A Jedi With Lenovo's First AR Glasses At IFA 2017

Star Wars fans rejoice! Lenovo is making our dreams of becoming a Jedi come true. Well, sort of. They are releasing AR Glasses exclusively for Star Wars where you can fight Sith Lords!
Be a Jedi with the Lenovo Mirage AR Glasses
Be a Jedi with the Lenovo Mirage AR Glasses

In IFA 2017, Lenovo allowed the public to use the AR glasses and play around with their Jedi Challenges. Not only are you wearing the AR glasses (Which is so cool!) but you are also wielding a lightsaber (That is legitness!). However, the demo was limited to a lightsaber duel with Kylo Ren but just being able to duel with a lightsaber is enough for the experience.
The Lenovo Mirage, lightsaber controller, and the sensor
The Lenovo Mirage, lightsaber controller, and the sensor

The AR glasses is more comfortable than most VR glasses at it does not give you that squashed face feeling. Usage and putting it on is as easy as 1-2-3 as well. The lightsaber hilt that works together with the AR headset is on point when it comes to design. It's like the Playstation move controller (The one that looks like a glowing mic.) but with much better design.
A closer look at the lightsaber
A closer look at the lightsaber

The lightsaber controller also feels "real" in a sense that it is not too light nor heavy. Once you get to calibrating it, the AR glasses will simulate the whole lightsaber start up along with the sound that we all know and love.

The advantage of AR over VR starts with the audio. You do not need to wear a pari of headphones with the AR glasses as it can produce the audio itself. It will give you more freedom in movement and will also make the experience more comfortable.

The swings and deflections you will make will feel as accurate and as real as you can still your surroundings. That is the best part of AR. The hologram of the Sith Lords you will fight will appear as if it is still in your living room. It is also safer than VR as you don't have to worry about your swings. The way it works is pretty much the same though as you would still need to insert your smartphone in the headset.

The Lenovo Mirage will be available at USD 199 that roughly translates to aroung PHP 10,200. 

So are you ready to battle the Sith Lords? Let us know in the comments! 

Source: GeekCulture
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