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Apple iPhone 8 And iPhone 8 Plus Facing Similar Problems As The Samsung Note 7?


We all know what happened with Samsung Note 7. It is all well documented. The batteries exploded. Units were recalled. It seems like history could repeat itself but this time Apple is the one on the spot.
Is the iPhone 8 Plus facing the Note 7 issue as well?
Is the iPhone 8 Plus facing the Note 7 issue as well?

There are reports that iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus units have batteries that are prone to blowing up. MacRumors reported that one of their readers sent them images of his iPhone 8 Plus with the display popped out and the battery seemingly blown up.
This can be a huge blow for Apple if it is not an isolated issue

This can be an isolated issue but more reports came in from different parts of the world like Greece, Taiwan, Japan and Hong Kong. These swollen battery was said to be a result of just a single overnight charge. Yikes!

MacRumors also shared that an Apple spokeswoman told them they are aware of the issue and that they are looking into the matter. However, there is no indication of any concrete reason for the battery failures. 

Millions of people are buying the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus since they are the latest iteration of the beloved device. This can be a major blow to Apple if it ends up like the Samsung Note 7 that had a massive recall.

Hopefully, Apple finds out what is causing the problem so that their fan-base can sleep soundly. 

We will keep you updated about this!

Source: GizChina
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