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Cherry Mobile Launches Cherry OS, A New Android Skin

At the launch of the Flare S6 series few days back, Cherry Mobile has surprised us with the reveal of their new home grown Android skin, the Cherry OS. It focuses on customizability, ease of use, speed, and security!
New design and icons!

The new Android Skin from Cherry Mobile was done in partnership with a Japanese company. The design and choice of icons are a step above Cherry's previous design and icon choices. It brings Cherry's OS to the modern 2017 aesthetics.
Optimization and security

Aside from the design, the three major new features are the 360 security app, Avatar master and the Cherry camera app!
The revamped camera UI
The revamped camera UI

The 360 security bumps up security and performance  with memory and junk file cleaning while protecting your phone with an antivirus. These are all in one package and can be done with one tap of the huge boost/scan buttons on the 360 app.

The Avatar master on the other hand is a privacy focused app that 'clones' one of your apps so that you can use one app with two different accounts. So basically, If I 'cloned' uber, I would have two identical copies of uber but with two distinct accounts. This is great for when you want to separate personal and business accounts for easier segregation of receipts. This can be done with other apps to promote privacy as well.

Lastly, is the Cherry camera which a big upgrade from cherry's previous camera app. The design reminds us of a melding of iOS and Android camera apps. You will find that it is easier to navigate and it looks great as well. What we noticed right away is the EIS and the high bit rate video recording.

It also has beauty, face cute and bokeh modes even though it uses a single camera system. Unfortunately there is no pro mode. Otherwise, the Panorama, watermark, timelapse and beauty video would entice those who really want better selfie stills and video! (The model we got was the Flare S6 Selfie, so most of the features are selfie centered)

Cherry Mobile has once again stepped up its game in software which over the years needed the improvement.

We are excited to try it out soon!
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