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Why Being LTE Connected Should Be Your Next Upgrade

LTE or Long-Term Evolution is the new standard with speeds that are more than double than 3G! Why should an LTE sim be your next upgrade? Find out now!
Level up to LTE!

Long-Term evolution currently is the most advanced mobile communication technology that is commercially available to mobile users worldwide. It is indicated by '4G' or 'LTE' alongside the signal strength bars.

Aside from faster download and upload speeds, LTE allows for better experiences of real-time digital services and internet browsing. This results in connectivity being an integral part of consumers daily lives. LTE IS NOW!
Smart Communications is encouraging its customers to make the shift to LTE in order for them maximize the benefits of the new LTE network and to Maximize the Data allocated with the latest prepaid and postpaid promotions.

Upgrading to an LTE sim is free and easy. Just visit your nearest Smart Store near you.  To use LTE, all you will need is an LTE capable device, an LTE SIM and an LTE covered area.

It is projected that by the end of 2018, more than 90% of the country's population will have access to Smart's LTE network. This means that LTE will be everywhere which results in better internet experiences and services. Smart has also been deploying LTE and upgrading cell site equipment and has been prioritizing lower frequencies like the 700Mhz and the 850 MHz for LTE which allows stronger data signal even when indoors!

LTE capable phones have now trickled down to more affordable devices that can cater from entry-level to the premium market.

In their efforts to improve their services, Smart has tested successfully the use of LTE networks. In the near future, LTE connectivity will not just power or connect devices but also manage homes, vehicles, workplaces, physical well being and more. There is no limit!

LTE can also be quickly upgraded to LTE-Advanced (LTE-A), which can provide even faster speeds and greater capacity to users with LTE SIMs on LTE-capable handsets. 

There are no cons for upgrading to LTE. So what are you waiting for? Get connected now!

Visit the nearest Smart store near you!
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