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Huawei Demos Face Unlock Feature and iPhone X-like Animoji

Do you want the iPhone X exclusive Animojis? Well, if you are a Huawei fan then you are going to love this. They just unveiled their version of Animojis.
Here are Huawei's new sensors
Here are Huawei's new sensors

During the Huawei Honor V10 launch, Huawei unveiled their new features. The first is their Facial Recognition via their 3D sensing camera. This can be used for their version of FaceID and their own line of Animojis. They claim that their version of Animojis is more advanced than what the iPhone X has.

Huawei boasted that their 3D sensing camera can will be able to map your face with 300,000 points of reference withing 10 seconds. They also claim that their face unlock feature will be able to unlock your smartphone within 0.4 seconds. That is very fast since a normal fingerprint sensor can unlock your phone within 0.2 seconds.
Huawei unveiled their own Animojis
Huawei unveiled their own Animojis

The iPhone X boasted an exclusive feature called Animoji where in the usual emojis can now copy your facial expressions. However, that feature is exclusive no more as it seems like Huawei already caught up with the tech. They claim that they feature more characters that you can animate as well as more advanced features as tracking your tongue's movement as well. 

Give credit to Apple for introducing the Animojis to the world. Now, Huawei opened the floodgates for Android smartphone manufacturers so that they can incorporate this to their newer flagships as well.

Source: GSMArena, BGR
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