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PLDT, Smart Connects ASEAN in Clark and Metro Manila w/ Fibr-Fast Speeds

PLDT and Smart Communications have made an effort to bolster connectivity in Clark and Metro Manila for the ASEAN summit. Key places like hotels and conference venues gets up to 11 Gbps.
PLDT and Smart bolstered their facilities for the ASEAN Summit
PLDT and Smart bolstered their facilities for the ASEAN Summit

Since Clark and Metro Manila is scheduled to hold several events for the ASEAN Summit, PLDT and Smart improved and augmented their fixed and wireless sites in the area. The improvements aim to make sure that the connectivity needs of the world leaders, international media and organizers are met.

PLDT and Smart EVP and Chief Revenue Officer Eric R. Alberto stated this:

We at PLDT and Smart are closely coordinating with our key partners in government and the ASEAN50 organizing committee to provide the telecommunications and ICT requirements that will help this ASEAN Summit achieve its objectives.

Furthermore, he added this:

Our facilities and our teams on-ground have been preparing the necessary equipment to ensure that our services run smoothly and help ensure the success of all events.

PLDT augmented their wired facilities in Fontana Convention Center, Stotsenberg Convention Center, Royce Hotel and Quest Hotel in Clark, Pampanga. Smart, on the other hand, strengthened their wireless coverage in the said area to provide high-speed LTE connectivity for the week long event.

On the other hand, the Metro Manila sites that will benefit from the improvements are the PICC, World Trade Center, and the Marriott Hotel in Pasay. These places will be a venue for ASEAN related meetings and the 50th ASEAN founding anniversary celebration. PLDT also installed phone lines and PABx facilities to provide seamless communication solution for the organizers when contacting the Office of the President and the several embassies of the nations attending the summit.

With more than 20 heads of states confirmed to attend the ASEAN summit, strong and stable connectivity and communication lines are needed to make sure that information will be relayed to different organizers during the summit.
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