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Smart started deploying 4CC LTE-A in NCR

To help lift PH internet speeds, Smart Communications Inc. has started deploying component carrier (4CC) aggregation technology in Metro Manila (NCR).
Smart started deploying 4CC LTE-A in NCR
Smart started deploying 4CC LTE-A in NCR

By providing 4CC LTE-A, consumers will be able to enjoy very high speed mobile data to capable devices.

Based on their recent tests conducted in Marikina City using Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, Smart's LTE-A tech was able to deliver up to 300 Mbps speeds in single-user scenario. For multi-user, it recorded over 200 Mbps!

These real-world tests show that we have in place a network that’s capable of providing extremely high speeds at par with those delivered by operators in other countries,”according to Joachim Horn, chief technology and information advisor at PLDT and Smart.

As more Filipinos acquire LTE-A capable devices, so will we benefit from significant improvements in the speeds and quality of internet in the Philippines,” added Horn. 

ICYMI, the use of carrier aggregation (CA) is the combination of multiple frequency channels to provide a much wider highway for the flow of mobile data.

For NCR, Smart will make this possible using 4CC which combines four separate frequency channels to deliver much greater capacity and speeds.

PLDT and Smart has committed to massively deploy high-speed and high-quality LTE across the country to over 90% of the population by end-2018. It's also a part of the company's strong desire to improve internet experience in the Philippines.
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