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6 Reasons to Love the Sony α5100

Camera lovers know that in order to improve their photos a move from a smartphone to a camera. However, your first camera should be beginner friendly as well.
Sony α5100
Sony α5100

Meet the Sony α5100. It is a beginner friendly camera that is very handy and versatile. If that is not enough of a pitch, Sony is willing to give you 6 reasons to love the Sony a5100.

1. Small and Stylish - The α5100 is really compact. With dimensions of 4.3 x 2.5 x 1.4-inches and a weight of 397 grams, it can easily fit into small handbags and jacket pockets. It is also handy when you are travelling. Unlike other cameras, it also comes in a white colorway that really makes it a somewhat fashionable camera.
2. Fast Shooter - The Sony α5100 has a Fast Hybrid AF with 179 phase-detection points which gives clear photos videos with great contrast. You can also take up to 50+ continuous shots because it can shoot with up to 6 frames per second. It is also capable of accurate live AF tracking, great background blur and high quality audio.
3. High Quality Photos - The α5100 has a 24.3 MP APS-C sensor with an ISO 100 - 25600 and BIONZ X image processing. This can deliver high quality images even in low light conditions. The Sony α5100 also captures color with accuracy making the photos full of life.
4. Selfie Ready - The α5100 is equipped with a tilt-ready touchscreen that is really useful for navigating through the menus and focusing on subjects. You can also easily take a selfie using the a5100 since the screen can be tilted.
5. Fast Photo Sharing -  Connectivity is not a problem with a5100 since it has WiFi and NFC connectivity. You have two of the fastest options when it comes to transferring photos to your smartphone, laptop or tablets.
6. Improves Your Skills -  The α5100 is an E-Mount interchangeable lens camera wherein you can adapt and change your lens according to your photography needs and skills. It is really designed to help you improve from a beginner to a fully capable photographer.

Those are 6 reasons why you will love the Sony α5100. It is a compact and beginner friendly camera that can help you transition from a smartphone photographer to a full fledged photographer.
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