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Counterpoint: Top 7 Global Smartphone Market Share Shipments in Q3 2017

Counterpoint Research has released their report on global market share shipment numbers for smartphones in Q3 2017. These are the top 7 smartphone companies.
Top 7 Smartphone Brands in Global Market Share Shipments
Top 7 Smartphone Brands in Global Market Share Shipments

Numbers show that global shipments increased by 9% for the year and 5% on Q3. In addition to that, it showed that Apple saw an increase of 3% annual sales due to the demands for older iPhone models. As the new batch of iPhone get release people tend to choose to buy the older models since there is a price slash on them.
Market Share by region
Market Share by region

Xiaomi, on the other hand, is still the fastest growing smartphone brand with an astounding 84% annual growth. This puts Xiaomi ahead of Lenovo in terms of sales and global market share. This is directly related to their improved marketing strategy and good product line.

Manufacturers are also making a great effort to move beyond their domestic boundaries. They are now moving into different regions including India, South Africa, Indonesia, Nigeria, Kenya and Russia.

Top players remained the same with Samsung on top with 21% global market share shipments for Q3. Apple came in second with 12% and Huawei at third with 10%. OPPO and Vivo are not far behind with 8% and 7% respectively. Xiaomi is also tied with Vivo. Lenovo is still staying relevant with 4% global market share.

Source: Counterpoint
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