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Huawei Mate 10 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Mini Lowlight Main Camera Comparison

At this very moment, Huawei is challenging Samsung Galaxy Note 8's proven and tested dual camera setup w/ the more affordable flagship grade Mate 10.
Huawei Mate 10 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Mini Lowlight Main Camera Comparison
Mate 10 or Note 8?

On paper, Huawei one-upped Samsung on the camera specs. The Huawei Mate 10 boasts a 3rd generation mobile dual Leica camera which consist of a the brighter 20MP f/1.6 monochrome sensor + 12MP f/1.6 RGB sensor w/  4-in-1 Hybrid AF, OIS, 2x zoom, and dual tone LED flash.

On top of that, its pair of cameras are assisted by Huawei's Mobile A.I. (artificial technology) which can automatically adjust the camera settings for the best results possible.

On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy Note 8's 12MP f/1.7 RGB + 12MP f/2.4 dual camera setup also has its advantages. It has Dual Pixel PDAF focusing tech and Dual OIS. Up to this point, it is the only phone w/ dual OIS for stabilized images and videos even in lowlight.

To challenge both of these amazing phone cameras, we took several photos in lowlight condition.

Let's compare!

Huawei Mate 10 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Camera Specs Comparison

Device Huawei Mate 10  Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Back Camera 20MP f/1.6 monochrome sensor + 12MP f/1.6 RGB sensor w/ 4-in-1 Hybrid AF, OIS, 2x zoom, and dual tone LED flash 12MP f/1.7 RGB + 12MP f/2.4 telephoto lens w/ Dual Pixel, Dual OIS, multi-frame, and dual tone LED flash

Scene 1 - Outdoor 1
Mate 10's sharpness and colors (especially the blacks) are decent on this scene. But, Note 8's exposure and dynamic range are better. Personally, I would choose the Note 8 here despite having slightly more noise. Note 8 - 1 point

Scene 2 - Outdoor 2
Brighter is isn't always better. Mate 10 flexed its muscle in this scene. The Note 8 may have the brighter photo, but details are sharper, noise is lesser, blacks are better, and colors look more natural on the Mate 10. Mate 10 - 1 point

Scene 3 - Indoor Close-up 1
Toss coin. Details and dynamic range are about the same. Colors on the Mate 10 are a bit paler than the Note 8. Some may prefer Mate 10 here, but to my eyes and Neil, my photographer GIZGUIDE teammate, Note 8 slightly did better this time. Note 8 - 2 points

Scene 4 - Indoor Close-up 2

Huawei is slightly ahead in this scene. Details are about the same. But, colors are punchier and more natural looking compared w/ Note 8. Noise is slightly lesser and background blur is slightly deeper on the Mate 10 too. Mate 10 - 2 points

Scene 5 - Outdoor Close-up
Another close match! Exposure on the Mate is a tad better and colors are on point. It is a really close match, but we favored Mate's colors this time. Mate 10 - 3 points

Scene 6 - Outdoor Portrait mode
Both has decent portrait modes that has deep bokeh effect even in lowlight most of the time. But, both miserably failed on this scene this time.

The Mate 10 has brighter exposure and deeper bokeh. However, the edges looked unnatural and beautified. On the other hand, the portrait mode on the Note 8 is underexposed and very grainy.

Another toss coin, but I would go w/ the Note 8 here. I won't blame you if you'll prefer the brightness of the Mate though. Note 8 - 3 points

Note: Special thanks to Matthew Cuyugan of TechPatrl and Neil Jimenez of GIZGUIDE for the help!


For point and shoot lowlight shooting, you can't go wrong w/ either Huawei Mate 10 and Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Both performed very well in our comparison with a score of 3 all. Some may prefer the exposure of the Note better, while others may choose the way Huawei handled the colors and details.

What do you think guys?
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