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Why you should consider getting the iPhone X with Smart?

The iPhone X is now available at Smart Postpaid. You might be wondering about the benefits of going with Smart's offering. How about we give you its advantages?
Why You should consider getting the iPhone X with Smart
iPhone X is now available at Smart Postpaid

1. Charge to bill - Smart postpaid allows you to pay for your iPhone X along with your monthly service charge. That means no cash outs needed unlike older plans wherein the cash out amount can be PHP 20K upwards.
Premium phone for less at Smart?

The iPhone X 64GB variant will be available for PHP 3,199 per month (PHP 1,700 per month at Plan 1,499) while the 256GB variant will be available for PHP 3,599 per month (PHP 2,100 at Plan 1,499). This is for just for 24 months too.

So in short, you can get the 64GB variant for PHP 40,800 which compared to the price out of contract price of PHP 63,990. That's a total of PHP 24K savings on your device.

2. More Data to Maximize iPhone X Features - On their featured plan, Plan 1499, you are getting 9GB of monthly data allocation. That is enough for a daily usage for normal peeps. If you actually want to consume YouTube content, you can choose it as your monthly app with unlimited access among Facebook, Twitter, Viber, Waze and Instagram.

3. Handsets Cost Less Money - Doubling up on the first item, the iPhone X costs less with Smart Postpaid. For as low as PHP 1,000 at Plan 2,999, you can get the 64GB variant for just PHP 24K. Did we mention that out of contract the iPhone X 64GB costs PHP 64K? That's a PHP 40K savings.

4. Gadget Shield - Smart Postpaid offers FREE 1 month Gadget Shield with their iPhone X plans. The Gadget Shield protects you from theft and accidental damage. Smart front liners will immediately enroll you as soon as you get you iPhone X.

So, as you can see, Smart Postpaid is making their iPhone X deals hard to pass up. You can inquire at the nearest Smart store in your area. For further information check out Smart's Online Store
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