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Vivo releases a touching Christmas video

Vivo celebrates family and the bravery of our soldiers this Christmas season with a touching video of a family that lost their father fighting for peace.
Vivo releases a touching Christmas video
Vivo's Christmas video!

With the Filipino Christmas spirit in mind, Vivo Philippines releases a video that tells the story of a the widow, her children and the husband and father that fell in the war fighting for peace in Marawi.

In the video, the family is having their first Christmas without the father of the home when carolers sang their rendition of 'Silent Night' outside their home. In their home you will find the traditional Noche Buena food with gifts laden under a Christmas tree. 

After hearing the carolers sing, they are welcome inside of the grieving family then it pans to the solitary portrait of the father who perished fighting for peace.

The video went viral with more than seven hundred thousand views and more than four thousand share with more than forty-one thousand likes within six days of release in the Vivo Facebook page.

The video hits home for Filipinos for its emphasis on family, togetherness and gratitude this Christmas season. Most of the comments from the comments section were emotional sentiments that thanked our soldiers for their bravery in Marawi. 

Vivo, by way of the special Christmas video, shares and celebrates what a truly meaningful Christmas for Filipinos. Family, togetherness, empathy, and the spirit of giving make a Filipino Christmas like no one else in the world

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