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Editor's Choice: Best Big Battery Smartphone of 2017 - ASUS Zenfone 4 Max!

No matter how great the build, screen, specs and camera is on a smartphone, you can't enjoy it if the battery can't cope with it. Enter big battery smartphones.
Editor's Choice: Big Battery Smartphone of 2017 - ASUS Zenfone 4 Max
ASUS Zenfone 4 Max, battery phone of the year!

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For this aspect, Team GIZGUIDE top pick is the ASUS Zenfone 4 Max! Why? 5,000 mAh of real battery power. Along with that, it is packing decent specs, dual cameras and an affordable price point.
Great battery benchmark score!

At just PHP 9,995, you are getting a pretty capable smartphone with performance that can get you through the day with multitasking, gaming, media consumption and even double as a smart powerbank if your friends need a quick boost.

You can get a lot out of the Zenfone 4 Max. You don't have to worry about charging over night when you get home because you won't have to since you will have plenty of battery left that you can still use the next day.

Honorable Mentions: Vivo V7+, OPPO A71, Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro

Note: On light usage, battery of the V7+ is better. But, on heavier usage, the 5,000mAh battery of the ZenFone 4 Max is bit better.

Do you agree with these powerful picks? Get it? Power? Full of power? No more puns?  

Let us know in the comments below!
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