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Top 5 advantages of Cherry Mobile Selfie Two

Riding on the "great phones are getting cheaper while cheap phones are getting better", Cherry Mobile released their new line of great affordable phones.
Top 5 advantages of Cherry Mobile Selfie Two
Cherry Mobile Selfie Two

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Along with the Flare S6 series, they also released the Cherry Mobile Selfie Two. We believe that this doesn't get the attention it deserves so we thought that we can highlight the advantages of having a Cherry Mobile Selfie Two.
The Selfie Two has fairly premium build for a budget smartphone
The Selfie Two has fairly premium build for a budget smartphone

1. Decent build and display - The Selfie Two has a surprisingly impressive build and design for a smartphone under PHP 5K. The back cover is made out of metal with a good-looking red coat of paint. The 5.2 inch HD IPS display is enclosed behing a 2.5D glass. The frame of the phone is made out of high quality plastic material that will be able to withstand some accidental drops.

2. Impressive features for the price - Some of the features the Cherry Mobile Selfie Two has is not what you would expect at under PHP 5K. First off, it has a Band 28 700Mhz LTE connectivity that gives it a very good signal reception. It has LED notifications as well along USB OTG support. It also has a fairly responsive fingerprint scanner. These are subtle features that we are more than happy to welcome.

3. Good battery - For a smartphone with a 5.2-inch display a 3000mAh battery is more than enough. You can last a full day of work without needing to charge and maybe some gaming if you are into that. You can definitely get an average of around 6 - 8 hours of continuous usage. However, on a normal day with normal usage, it can definitely last you around 10 hours at least.

4. Impressive cameras - Considering the price, the cameras in this phone and their performance is very impressive. First off, Cherry Mobile did a great job with the camera suite which includes features such as face beauty, panorama and a Google Camera-like bokeh effect. The photos taken with good lighting have fine details and punchy colors. Lowlight performance can be improved but are still acceptable considering this is a budget smartphone.

5. Price - At just PHP 4,999, you are getting an all-around decent device. It has a good build and form factor, good quality display, great cameras, good battery efficiency, 700MHz LTE Band 28 connectivity and even a fingerprint sensor. It is one of the most affordable bang-per-buck device and it gives our stamp of approval and recommendation.

We just have to give Cherry Mobile for not only providing an improved follow-up device for the first Cherry Mobile Selfie but also for dropping the price from the first one's PHP 9,999 to the Selfie Two's PHP 4,999. The device went down in price but improved in every way.
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