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Samsung Curved UHD TV and Soundbar new promo announced

Curvy is not only the new sexy in terms of body type but also in TVs and soundbars. Case on point, Samsung released new Curved UHD TVs Soundbars promos.

Samsung Curved UHD TV and Soundbar new promo announced
New promo alert!

Enjoy an immersive 4K viewing experience with Samsung's Curved UHD TV that delivers accurate colors, brightness and vividness. Ultra HD resolution really is a night and day difference compared to traditional resolutions. Combined with a curved display panel, the Samsung Curved UHD TV will really give you an immersive viewing experience.

The curved display paner provides a wider viewing angle and a greater depth of field. Although the screen is vibrant, it still maintains a very relaxing viewing experience. Samsung is touting that their curved UHD TVs will reduce instances of eye strain while keeping a very sharp image.

Immersive viewing experience does not on image. An entertainment system is not complete unless you have a good audio companion. Enter the Samsung Curved Soundbar that promises to provide audio that will accompany the great image quality.

Starting on February 1 to April 30, you can get discounts of up to 40% on the 65-inch, 49-inch and the 55-inch Samsung Curved UHD TVs. There is also a discount of around 30% on select Samsung Soundbars variants as well.

These discounts will be available at the nearest authorized Samsung dealer near you.
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