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Dragon Ball Super Finale: The Conclusion Everyone Deserved

This is it! The episode of Dragon Ball Super which will conclude the Tournament of Power. 131 is an awaited chapter as this will be the start of series hiatus.
Dragon Ball Super Finale: The Conclusion Everyone Deserved
Android 17, an MVP candidate

With all that transpired within the Tournament of Power arc, seeing the conclusion is a bitter sweet affair. We all saw how all of the universes fought for their existence. Universe 7 became a dominant force early on as they experienced early eliminations but occurrences are far apart. Universe 11 showed their dominant trio of Dyspo, Jiren and Toppo. Universe 6 became a threat too due to Kale, Caulifla, Cabba and Hit.
Lord Freiza and Goku teaming up against Jiren
Lord Freiza and Goku teaming up against Jiren

Now, 4 fighters are left the Godlike Jiren from Universe 11, Android 17, Frieza and the Beyond Godlike but broken Goku. 2 minutes are remaining before the end of the tournament. If Universe 7 can hold on they win but if Jiren can eliminate the 2 able fighters from Universe 7 then he can easily defeat Goku.

This is no easy task though. Frieza has been absent for the last couple of episodes since his beat down in Episode 127 so we can argue that maybe he was biding his time and recovering all this time. No.17 was believed to have self destructed but it seems like there was little to no damage on his body and with his intellect and unlimited stamina he could outlast Jiren. Jiren is still hurting from the fight against Goku and could be weakened already.

This will be the last episode of Dragon Ball Super before Akira Toriyama and his team take a break from it. Do not fret as we can expect a new Dragon Ball movie this year to hold us off before they decide to continue the series.

Who will win that one wish from the Super Dragon Balls? Will Frieza stay loyal to Universe 7? Will he betray Universe 7 and cause their demise?
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