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Philippine internet speeds bumps up as PLDT push Fibr roll-out

Before, the Philippines has been one of the countries with the slowest internet speed in the world. PLDT has made an effort to improve that with their Fibr technology.
Philippine internet speeds bumps up as PLDT push Fibr roll-out
PLDT wants to further improve PH internet speeds

PLDT has been putting an all-out effort to effectively modernize and improve the internet speeds and connection in the Philippines. According to Ookla, the Philippines saw an increase of 50% in internet speeds with the download speeds going from 10.16 Mbps to 15.67 Mbps and the upload speeds going from 7.28 Mbps to 13.53 Mbps.

PLDT believes that this is a direct result of their ongoing efforts to provide fiber-powered broadband services to more customers in the Philippines. In the end of 2017, PLDT's Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) network is said to have reached more than 4 million homes. They look to expand on that by 30% and reach more than 5 million homes this year.

PLDT also said that, in terms of capacity, they will look to double the fiber and hybrid fiber broadband capacity from 1.1 million ports to 2.2 million ports in 2 years time. They also want assure copper-based broadband customers will not be left in the dark as they promise to further improve the hybrid fiber connections. They said that by 2019, copper0based DSL subscribers will get to enjoy Fibr-fast internet connections.

PLDT wants to meet the demands that the Filipino families and businesses in terms of bandwidth, speed and stability. Each day, the internet is used for a myriad of things such as searching for information, entertainment, security and communication.

The PLDT group have already invested over PHP 300 billion over the last 10 years in building its integrated fixed and wireless network.

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