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Schneider Launches Smart Panel, Compact NSXm and PowerTag

Schneider Electric looks to change energy management and automation with the launch of their Smart Panel, Compact NSXm and PowerTag with safety and efficiency.
Schneider Electric launches energy management devices
Schneider Electric launches energy management devices

These new energy management products looks to provide their consumers with an optimized energy management solutions that is said to be safer, smarter and more sustainable. They aim to help homeowners, companies, businesses and building operators.

First off, the Smart Panels are digital electrical panel boards which are part of the connected products of Scheneider Electric's EcoStruxure. It can measure energy consumption through the embedded and stand-alone metering and control capabilities. It is also able to pinpoint overloads and inefficiencies that can allow the user to make smart and educated decisions. It communicates with computers or any smart device which means you can check it easily.

The Compact NSXm is Schneider Electric's newest molded case circuit breaker that maintains their 60-year line of quality circuit breakers.

It is said to be built to provide a convenient experience since it is easier to install with up to 40% faster install time according Schneider Electric. It has a roto-active system that prevents short circuits during power interruptions. The Everlink patented connections prevents heating failures as well. It is also the smallest Schneider Electric circuit breaker to date.

Lastly, PowerTag is a small yet effective device. It has wireless sensors that can monitor energy consumption albeit a small building or even a bigger facility. It looks to manage energy consumption so that is more efficient economically.

It is also said to be easy to install on existing or new panel boards. Building operators and facility managers can monitor the health and up-time of their facilities in real time. They can manage usage, critical loads and even fix problem areas.
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