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Avaya showcases joint research with IDC for Philippine Businesses

Avaya Holdings Corp. revealed on April 17, 2018 the key trends in customer service experience highlighting the increase importance of communications tools and technologies.
Avaya showcases joint research with IDC for Philippine Businesses
Avaya showcases joint research with IDC for Philippine Businesses

60% of the Filipino companies prioritizes digital transformation. Meanwhile, organizations ranked communication tools that enhance customer-to-employee engagement as the most important to their DX initiatives.

These insights, especially the improvements on specific key business areas, highlight the importance of digital transformation. Experience Avaya Philippines is a platform for our customers, partners and us to discuss the challenges faced by enterprises and how these can be overcome using technology, said Ferdinand Macatangay, Country Manager of Avaya Philippines.

In a survey presented at the Experience Avaya Philippines, messaging with 71% and chat applications with 58% were the preferred customer engagement channels for Filipino businesses to invest in over the next two years. Artificial intelligence will play an increasingly significant role customer service, with bots and scripts being seen by Filipino companies as the most important.

Five key global trends were oberved in the joint IDC-Avaya Survey on Customer Experience and these are the following:

  • Significant improvement in enterprises' capability to understand customers
  • Upsurge in the frequency of communication and interactions
  • Emergence of new channel types allowing business to serve a truly omni-channel customer
  • Integration of communication into more mission-critical business processes
  • Measurement of CX success through combination of customer satisfaction and variety of customer service KPIs
The Avaya-IDC Philippines Enterprise survey was carried out from February 26 to March 13, 2018 among Philippine enterprises in the telco, financial services, banking, business process outsourcing, hospitality, government and manufacturing sectors.
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