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Ecooter is in the Phillippines!

Ecooter is in the Philippines to solve our personal transportation concerns in a ecological and environmentally safe way without sacrificing performance.
Ecooter is in the Phillippines!
Now in PH!

It was in 1993 that electric motorcycles started appearing in the market. It was plagued with concerns like an underwhelming battery power. So a new electric bike with pedals was made. To this day it has been the model that has been available to the public. 
The Ecooter can be yours for PHP 80,000
The Ecooter can be yours for PHP 80,000

The pedals served to allow use even when the battery ran out of power but the driving power was still lacking. 

Ecooter then came to the market with its 2,500W electric motor that allows a top speed of 75km/hr with a maximum distance of 80km with one passenger.

Through Ecooter's maker and joint venture with China's top IT group and China's top parts supplier, the brand has 25 years of experience even though they launched in China last March of 2017.
The battery
The battery

Da Yang Motors, the maker of Ecooter began in 1992 with a wide line of motorcycles that have reached 80 countries around the world. Dealerships in France, Spain, Vietnam were established and now it is in the Philippines.

To support customers, Battery Rental and Changing stations will be available all over Metro Manila that is accessible from dealerships and convenience stores. 

This makes the Ecooter experience more convenient and more accessible.
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