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Grab PH gets more competition with Hype and HirNa

With Grab getting Uber's Philippine operations, the LTFRB approves two new TNCs in Hype and HirNa. These are both Transport Network Vehicle Services like Uber.
Grab PH gets more competition with Hype and HirNa
Hype and HirNa now LTFRB accredited

In every industry, competition is healthy. With the merge of Grab and Uber, people were left with only one choice for booking a ride. This is ok except when it is rush hour and it gets hard to book one. Now, LTFRB just accredited two more TNVs with Hype and HirNa.

Hype's services is very similar to the services offered by Uber and Grab with private vehicles being the main pool of rides. It is given a 2-year operations permit by LTFRB which will run until 2020. HirNa, on the other hand, is a ride-hailing app exclusively for taxis and is accredited also for 2 years.

This is great news for TNC users as they are given more options since the recent events involving the Grab and Uber merger make users experience a harder time booking and longer surge hours.

Competition is healthy. Do you agree?

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