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Top 5 highlights of Huawei P20 lite

The Huawei P20 lite is in a competitive price range where the manufacturers outdo each other at every turn so we decided to list what makes the phone great!
P20 Lite

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Top 5 highlights of Huawei P20 Lite

Premium metal and glass design
Premium metal and glass design

1. Premium build and design - The new P20 lite wins in build quality and design being one of the few phones that is made of metal and glass that is bonded together in an expensive manufacturing process. Add that to the beautiful and unique way light reflects the back of it.

2. Dual main camera and single selfie camera - It carries a dual camera set up of 16MP + 2MP f/2.2 w/ PDAF, and LED for the main camera that performs wonderfully.

In our initial camera samples we can see that it is on par and in most cases better than the competition in the price range while the the 16MP f/2.0 w/ screen flash selfie camera performs well. Even with the AI turned on, the beautification is acceptable at lower levels. Add the fact that the cameras use light fusion technology to get better low light pictures.

The Dual Lens set up allows for the hardware + software based bokeh effect that has now become standard in phones. Huawei also added support for AR stickers that was made famous by Snapchat but is now part of the camera app.

3. USB Type-C - The Huawei P20 Lite is one of the first mid-range phones in 2018 to come with USB Type-C! This is a big deal as more and more devices are using USB Type-C. This makes it easier to quickly plug it in during the first try. Not to mention that this works well with Huawei's new Quick Charge 2.0!

4. Memory 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM - You can never have enough room for RAM and ROM! The 6GB RAM is more than enough for your daily multi-tasking needs which allows for a near endless apps running in the background without having to close them. The 64GB ROM allows you to have more apps, music, and more pictures saved locally without having to worry about your storage being filled up too soon!

5. Fingerprint scanner + face unlock tech - Huawei is now offering both fingerprint sensor and Face Unlock at the same time as some phones only have one or the other. The face unlock in our initial impressions is fast. Not P20 Pro fast, but close enough!

The fingerprint reader is no slouch either. We've yet to have had a misread fingerprint and it is almost instantaneously.

Huawei has made a wonderful phone that we think is only dragged down by the last generation chipset.

Stay tuned for our upcoming review!
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