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Toshiba Announces New E-Generation X-Series Laptops

Toshiba just unveiled the new X-Series devices with 8th Gen Intel Core processor with focus on reliability. They improved security, performance and more.
Toshiba Protege X20W-E
Toshiba Protege X20W-E

Toshiba Singapore announced the new X Series that is said to offer better professional performance and durability aiming it to users who are living a more active lifestyle. They want to utilize the power of the 8th Gen Intel Core processor to deliver maximized performance and efficiency while maintaining mobility.

There are three new devices launched which are the TECRA X40-E, Protege X30-E and Protege X20W-E.

They are all designed to provide users with improved security, connections and reliability.
Toshiba X30-E
Toshiba X30-E

The Protege X30-E, for instance, will be equipped with a non-reflective touchscreen with the new In-Cell Touch technology that will allow the users to navigate the display via touch without giving up design and display quality.

The new line of X-series laptops will also have the  8th Generation Intel Core processors, DDR4 RAM at 2400MHz and a 1TB PCIe SSD. Specific information about the parts are not yet fully disclosed as of the moment though.
Toshiba TECRA X40-E
Toshiba TECRA X40-E

Security features for the X-Series are also improved. They will have a touch pad with a built-in fingerprint scanner that they are calling the SecurePad. An optional IR-camera that can be used for facial recognition is also available. It is set to work seamlessly with Windows Hello or Intel Authenticate. Toshiba also included an improved BIOS and TPM 2.0 encryption, assuring the users' data protection.

Connectivity now have more options. Customers can opt to have the optional Thunderbold 3 Dock. The dock will include a USB Type C port, a full size USB 3.0 port, HDMI port as well as a microSD Card Slot. This will provide better power, faster data transfers and the ability to use external displays.

With all these new parts and features, Toshiba still managed to keep the X-Series portable. The devices will range from 1.05 kg to 1.25 kg only. This development is said to be due to the materials used for the build. The X-Series laptop are made out of a magnesium chassis with a honeycomb design for increased durability.

The TECRA X40-E, Protege X30-E and Protege X20W-E will be available starting on Q2 2018.

Stay tuned!
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