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GadgetVerge Audio Xtreme Review - Best Portable Speaker YET for its price?

GadgetVerge Audio Xtreme Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is a handy speaker arriving in a rugged exterior that mirrors its name "Xtreme." 
GadgetVerge Audio Xtreme Review - Best Portable Speaker YET--for its price?
Meet the Xtreme Wireless Bluetooth Speaker!

As the name suggests, this portable speaker is designed not just for indoors but for persons who love outdoors. GadgetVerge Audio Xtreme speaker can be easily connected to any Bluetooth capable smartphone or gadget. It only features a USB 2.0 port for charging among any other ports.

Is it the best portable speaker YET for its price? Here's our full review!

GadgetVerge Audio Xtreme Specs

Drivers: Dynamic
Bluetooth version: 4.2
Waterproof rating: IPX7
Battery: 600 mAh
Output Power: 3W
Frequency range: 100-19KHz
Weight: 120 g
Price: PHP 1,799

Disclaimer: This unit was seeded to us but rest assured that our review is unbiased like we always do.

Unboxing / Accessories

gadgetverge audio xtreme speaker package
What's inside?

The GadgetVerge Audio Xtreme arrived in a neat and half clear square box with prints of the speaker's key features and description.

Inside the box you get the unit with suction cup, aluminum carabiner, charger cable, and user's guide.

Build Quality/Design

Xtreme speaker's carabiner holder
Xtreme speaker's carabiner holder

Xtreme wireless speaker has a water resistant full rubber body with four visible screw heads that hold the speaker's body, making it feel sturdy.

Its controls that include power button, volume up & down, play & pause, and call answer buttons are placed on speaker's top. A clean printed branding "GADGETVERGE" with its logo is just above the power button.

Rugged and sturdy!

The grille speaker is placed on the opposite face, which is, the bottom part of the speaker. The suction cup and holder is placed in the middle of the grille speaker at the bottom.


Xtreme grille speaker and suction cup placed on the bottom
The grille speaker and suction cup placed on the bottom

We had a  the GadgetVerge Audio Xtreme. Just like any wireless speaker, you just have to turn on the speaker and pair it with your smartphone by finding the "GV Audio Xtreme". 

Cranking up and down the volume can be done via the smartphone or the volume rocker of the speaker. 

Its suction cup is dope! The Xtreme speaker won't form its place because of the suction cup, but it doesn't hold on painted wall surfaces. It also helps the speaker deliver its full sound as it acts like a 'stand' to keep the grille speaker from being muffled when placed on a surface.

The aluminum carabiner is also a great addition. It's easy to hang the speaker anywhere where there is a clip where the suction cup can't hold the speaker on that particular surface.

Xtreme is also IPX7-rated water resistant speaker. We tried to drizzle it with some water first and then tried to soak it for 3 seconds and it still works. Cool right?

Battery Life

We played non-stop music with high volume via the fully-charged GadgetVerge Audio Xtreme and it lasted for 3 and a half hours.

It's no surprise since its battery is only 600 mAh. But, for sure it can last a little longer than that when used with moderate volume.

Meanwhile, you just have to wait an hour to full charge it.

Sound Quality

GadgetVerge Audio Xtreme Portable Speaker
GadgetVerge Audio Xtreme Portable Speaker

The GadgetVerge Audio Xtreme can deliver you the sound you need even when you're outdoors.

Soundtrip all you want even when you're outdoors!

Perfect for casual listening. You should not expect much from this speaker but it will definitely give you satisfaction without disappointing. 

Sound is smooth with a little bass. Clarity is fine, thanks to its suction cup that acts too like a stand. Expect a muffle sound if you decide to remove the suction cup and have the speaker stand on its own. 

Perfect for casual listening!

The Xtreme portable speaker can fill up to medium-sized room when intensified up to the highest volume.

Soundstage and separation of details are just fine. But, don't expect it to be wide and near audiophile grade.

As expected, it has sound distortion on its loudest but not to the point that it's annoying in the ears.

Pros - Portable, suction cup, carabiner, nice sounds
Cons - Small battery capacity, no 3.5mm aux port, no microSD


The GadgetVerge Audio Xtreme is the latest affordable portable Bluetooth speaker that retails for PHP 799 in the market today. 

We just wish that they GadgetVerge put a microSD slot or 3.5 mm aux port that will serve as another source of music aside from Bluetooth connectivity.

But despite those few weaknesses, this speaker is a steal for its price!

Build/Design - 4.5
Features - 4
Battery Life - 3
Sound - 3.75
Average - 3.81/5
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