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Here's how GoBear Philippines can provide you financial literacy

GoBear Philippines have been providing financial literacy to Filipinos since its launch on 2016. 
Here's how GoBear Philippines can provide you financial literacy
GoBear Philippines website

They have an unbiased banking comparison to over 2 million active users. The financial comparison site have expanded their line-up to better equip users with the tools they need in hitting all four points of the quad since their recorded 50% month on month growth in site usage.

We want Filipinos to be able to actively compare all the financial products that could fit into their differing needs, says GoBear Country Director Rommel Torres. Hence, GoBear has added more products so you can see all that's out there and what works best for you.

According to GoBear Philippines, these are the four points of financial health and respective tools that you can use:

1. Insurance

Car insurance nowadays is a type of investment that has become crucial. You can check out via GoBear which plans works best for the model, make, and variant with the in-site tool. You can also specify there whether your car is a private or a TNVS one to help you get the right kind of insurance. 

Travel insurance comparison is also available on-site. You just have to input when and where you're going, how many you'll be, and even how many times you want to take the trip and the specific deals will be automatically generated for you.

2. Credit Cards

Through GoBear, it's all up to you if you will get a card that has great airmiles, specific rewards like fuel, groceries, dining, shopping, better cashback, lowest balance transfer fee, or even the easiest approval!
GoBear Philippines
GoBear Philippines

3. Loans

For this one, all you have to do is to input the amount you wish to borrow, the period of time you will receive it, and your employment status and salary. You will then immediately see the options with varying interest rates and requirements so you can apply for the one you are best suited with.

4. Savings

With GoBear, you can compare banking products whether you are in need of a savings accounts or you're interested in a time deposit. With either one of these banking options, you can start investing in the future and building up your credit report card smoothly.

Aside from these comparisons, you can also educate yourself with healthy finance practices and tips that can easily be found in GoBear Blogs.

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