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Here's how Vivo continuously innovate throughout the years

A few years back, the mobile industry has only two or three names, but Vivo came in. 
Here's how Vivo continuously innovate throughout the years
Vivo V9

Vivo first introduced the V5 Plus equipped with a 20MP dual selfie camera. It is then followed by the 24MP front camera featured in the Vivo V7, V7+ and V9.
Vivo V7 Plus
Vivo V7 Plus

Alongside the Chinese smartphone brand's focus on the selfie camera, they also paid attention to working on a bigger screen of their smartphones. They introduced the Apex FullView screen that targets a nearly 100% screen-to-body ratio display. The latest Vivo V9, the brand's current flagship smartphone features a 90% screen-to-body ratio. 
Vivo V5 Plus
Vivo V5 Plus

Last January, Vivo was the introduced their first in the world "in-display fingerprint scanner" that gives users another option to unlock their smartphones aside from what we currently have, the Face Unlock.

The mobile industry is on the lookout for the next innovations in smartphones. 

The Vivo smartphone brand has 2,200 dedicated research and development personnel in several R&D centers they have worldwide specifically in San Diego, United States; Shenzhen, Dongguan, Nanjing, Hangzhou, and Beijing, China.

There are already a lot of mobile revolution served on our technology table. And we are excited for what Vivo has in-store for us in the next years. 
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