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Vivo V9, the 24MP A.I. Selfie Camera experience

Selfies are important and Vivo knows that. That’s why the company has an upgraded 24MP front facing camera with A.I. technology and more on the new Vivo V9.
The Vivo V9

Now, let's see if it is the new intelligent way to take selfies!

Top selfie features of the Vivo V9

The selfie camera specs - The Vivo V9 has an improved 24MP selfie shooter compared with its predecessors. It still has the same f/2.0 aperture size for brighter looking photos in most lighting conditions. But not it has A.I. Face Beauty tech and AR stickers to add another layer of fun on your selfies.

HDR - The Vivo V9 has an intelligent type of HDR shooting mode. It allows you to take 3 different photos with different exposures. From there, it will automatically stitch the photos or select your best selfie for different lighting conditions.

A.I. Face Beauty - Since the V9 is a selfie-centric smartphone, Vivo improved its face beauty with A.I. technology. Vivo stated that it uses a database of almost one million facial images to determine the age, sex, skin tone, and texture of your face. It can even detect lighting scenarios to shoot well exposed photos always. It can also improve your "natural looking" selfies over time.

Portrait mode - The Vivo V9 has A.I. for portrait selfies as well. It can create looking bokeh shots with cleaner edge detection that ever.

AR Stickers - It can add another layer of fun to your selfies. The Vivo V9 has Snapchat and Instagram-like filters that makes you look cute. Vivo included 40+ built-in stickers to choose from.

Selfie screen flash - The Vivo V9 has no dedicated LED flash, but it has a bright type of screen flash that won’t overexpose your selfies.


Overall, the new Vivo V9 is an excellent selfie snapper! It is ideal to use on most lighting conditions.

For us, it is one of the best selfie phones at this price range.
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