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Game of Drones: 2nd Flight Took Off

The country's biggest and only drone competition held their 2nd event, the Game of Drones: 2nd Flight, last May 26th at The Bike Playground in Circulo Verde.
Game of Drones: 2nd Flight Took Off
Game of Drones: 2nd Flight

Game of Drones: 2nd Flight provides First-Person View drone pilots and enthusiasts an event to showcase their flying skills and love of drones without venturing too far away from the city. The Bike Playground offers vast open spaces ample enough to fly drones freely and safely.

There are three categories during the event

Time Trial is a spec/open class category wherein pilots race to fly their drone in the fastest time possible across the 300-meter track. There were up to four pilots each race where the winner will take home a cash prize of PHP 30,000. The winner was Jerico Taleon while the runners up were Marlon Caras and Mark Cometa.

Rotocross is a spec class game where participants were grouped in batches of four for the elimination round. They flew around a marked course and those who finish first move up to the next round. Jerico Taleon won the event again for PHP 20,000, a trophy, and items from sponsors. Runners up were Danny Formentera and Axlsoy Godinez.

Drone Photography is where drone photography enthusiasts shined. They needed to take beautiful and creative aerial shots of Circulo Verde. The Top 10 entries were shown in the venue for judging and the winner, Lawrence Samaco, took home PHP 5,000.

During the races, people can also check out the food stalls and sponsors' booths for treats and different merchandise. This event was made for drone hobbyist, aspiring racers and those who just want to experience a different kind of outdoor fun.

What do you guys think? If you have a drone would you try your hand in racing or photography? Let us know in the comments!
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