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MiCab and Huawei announced in-cab tablet partnership!

Taxi-hailing platform, MiCab and Shenzhen based telecommunications giant, Huawei has announced their partnership for the in-cab tablet used by MiCab drivers!
MiCab and Huawei announced in-cab tablet partnership!
MiCab x Huawei

Micab and Huawei held a round-table discussion with the local media that was joined by CEO and Co-Founder of MiCab: Eddie Ybanez, Tablet & PC Global GTM Director of Huawei: Andy Zhao, Tablet General Manager of Huawei: Mingang Yi, Device Marketing and Service Account Manager of Huawei, Henry Hsiao.
The tablets

This was after the taxi hailing platform was accredited by the Land Transportation and Franchising Regulatory Board last May 2018.

Huawei will be providing thousands of in-cab tablets for Micab and is inline with Micab's aggressive nation-wide expansion in Cebu, Baguio, Bacolod, Iloilo and Metro Manila.

These customised tablets will be used to run the Micab driver-side application. This allows taxi drivers to receive, locate and communicate with over 25,000 daily passengers booking cabs through Android and iOS apps.

Once on-board, passengers can see ads displayed on this custom Huawei tablets courtesy of MiAds, Micab's ad platform partnership with Hallohallo Business. This allows brands to tap into the tech-savvy, affluent filipino demographic which is a core part of the Micab userbase.

Producing a tablet that can thrive in in-cab conditions, for up to sixteen hours at a time, is no easy feat, and so I’d like to commend the innovative spirit of Huawei for being able to successfully do so. Ultimately, they’ve created a tablet that I like to think is very much similar to our drivers: They’re reliable, hard-working, and efficient, said Ybanez, who noted that the tablets also came equipped with custom hardware.

Huawei sent engineers from China to the Philippines earlier this year and rode Micab partner cabs to gather data to produce a tablet that could serve the unique conditions a Philippine taxi undergoes. This includes the heat from the sun and the like.

Micab is aiming for the top and they need the best possible tablet for it!
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