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MSI GE73 Raider RGB 8RF Review - The Gaming Laptop For You?

The MSI GE73 Raider RGB 8RF is one of the latest offering from the gaming PC brand for their all-new GE Raider RGB Gaming Series. 
MSI GE73 Raider RGB 8RF Review - The Gaming Laptop For You?
Meet the MSI GE73 Raider RGB 8RF!

It was first announced on this year's CES at the Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A. The GE Raider Gaming Series comes in a full lighting RGB lighting on top cover, keyboard, and even USB ports.  GE73 is the more expensive sibling of the GE63. 

Is GE73 worth your PHP 144,995? And why it should be your gaming laptop? Let's find out in our full review!

MSI GE73 Raider RGB 8RF Specs

Display: 17.3-inch IPS screen w/ UHD 3840 x 2160 resolution at 127 ppi
CPU: Intel Core i7-8750H hexa-core processor
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 
ROM:  512GB SSD + 1TB HDD 
Selfie Camera: HD webcam
Battery: 51 WHr
OS: Windows 10 Home/Pro
Connectivity: WiFi, Bluetooth, WLAN, SD Card reader, 1x HDMI, 3x USB 2.0 ports, 1x USB Type-C
Others: Built-in microphone, built-in huge speakers
Dimensions: 419.2 x 287.1 x 30.15 mm
Weight: 2,800 g
Price: PHP 144,995

Disclaimer: This gaming laptop has been loaned by MSI for an unbiased review.


The MSI GE73 Raider RGB 8RF arrived in an MSI gaming bag with the regular inclusions inside. It has the MSI 230W charger and the unit itself.

Build Quality/Design

Steel back panel with LED RGB lighting
Steel back panel with LED RGB lighting
Rubber stoppers under
Rubber stoppers under
RGB keyboard
RGB keyboard

According to MSI, the GE Raider RGB Series' design is inspired by a sports car. The GE73 is built with an all-metal body that makes it hefty and premium. Its dimensions are 419.2 x 287.1 x 30.15 mm and it weighs 2.80 kg. It is definitely heavy and bulky.

It is definitely true to its tagline "Light 'Em Up" as the GE73 has led RGB Aura on its back panel and keyboard backlit. The RGB lighting of the gaming machine can be customized via Steel Series Engine 3.

The TouchPad is huge enough for a gaming laptop. It has the usual left and right click buttons, finger tap combinations, and gestures. It was a breeze using the TouchPad.
Wide touchpad space!
Wide touchpad space!

I/O ports are also lighted. Both sides of the gaming machine have ports on it. On the left you have the WLAN (Ethernet), Bluetooth 4.0, 1x HDMI, 1x USB 2.0, 1x USB Type-C. And on the right you have 2x USB 2.0, charging port, and SD Card reader.
Ports at right
Ports at right
Ports at left
Ports at left

The display panel has very sharp edges to the point that they cause cuts if you get your hands on it. But the body, on the other hand, has very smooth edges.

Display Quality

17.3-inch screen
17.3-inch screen

MSI GE73 Raider RGB 8RF has 17.3-inch UHD IPS display that is so immersive. Color accuracy is very nice and it can go very bright. It has 120Hz at 3ms refresh rate that makes its gaming display sharp and vibrant.

Immersive and sharp display!

The gaming machine is running on Windows 10 and has the Night Light feature. At night, you won't have to worry about getting eye strain, since it will give the display a yellowish tint in the dark. 

Overall, the MSI GE73 has a very impressive display.


Using the MSI GE73 with the RGB lighting turned on, the battery can last for a very little time of only almost 2 hours of typing, web browsing, and Spotify. This is common for gaming laptops but definitely, you wouldn't want to leave your charger at home and get your laptop lose its battery juice when you're out.

MSI can improve its battery life and have the option to turn off the RGB Lighting according to the preference of the user as these lights also affects the battery life.

Charging time is over 2 hours.

Audio Quality

Audio is so loud and and fascinating! The MSI GE73 Raider RGB 8RF's audio tops my favorite feature of this gaming machine. MSI equipped this device with two speakers, and two woofers. 

The RGB lighting can also dance to the beat of the music. You can do this by going to the SteelSeries Engine 3 app and then click the Engine Apps and then turn on the Audi o Visualizer.After turning it on and playing your music, you can see the keyboard backlit are keeping up with the beat of the music that is being played. Personally, I was mesmerized with this feature!

Fascinating loud sound and mesmerizing dancing keyboard backlit!

The mic has a clear output as well. I tried using it for casual recording and I didn't have any issues with clarity.

You'd definitely not go wrong with this device's audio and mic.


Geekbench score
Geekbench score

The score is soaring high! MSI GE73 Raider RGB 8RF's performance is seamless. I used the laptop with a number of tabs opened not less than 10, folders, Adobe Photoshop but the MSI GE73 keeps up with it without any lags.

The device definitely gave me more productivity given its smooth performance. Switching between tabs, and Google Chrome to Adobe Photoshop is so fast and snappy. 

MSI GE73 is equipped with the latest Intel CoffeeLake Core i7 8750H running on a 16GB RAM and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070.

We ran the Need For Speed Payback and the immersive graphics display and fascinating sound are surprising!
Need for Speed Payback on MSI GE73
Need for Speed Payback on MSI GE73

The thermal management of the GE73 is very nice too! It is nice to note that it does not overheat despite whole day usage with RGB lights on. We also tried to play games for a couple of hours, but still, the device wouldn't get to the point of alarming heat. 

Overall, MSI GE73 Raider RGB 8RF has a very good performance for a gaming machine. All it needs to improve is its poor battery. 

Pros - Gaming performance can be leveled to a premium desktop, 120Hz screen with 3ms refresh, keys can be customized individually, 1.5TB total storage, nice thermal management, immersive audio quality
Cons - Poor battery life, pricey for some


MSI GE73 Raider RGB 8RF is definitely a gaming machine you should have if you are looking  for a seamless, immersive experience, and everything you're looking for a gaming laptop.

But do not get this gaming machine if you are after a good battery life. You can get the next MSI gaming laptop releases of this series if they can improve on the battery. 

Build / Design -  5
Display - 4.5 
Audio - 5
Battery - 2.5
Performance - 5
Average - 4.3/5
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