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Raffle: OPPO F7 with powerful MediaTek Helio P60 inside

The OPPO F7 has been a success with record breaking sales mostly because of the powerful performance of the MediaTek Helio P60!
Raffle: OPPO F7 with powerful MediaTek Helio P60 inside
OPPO F7 with MediaTek Helio P60 inside

There are almost nothing to dislike about the OPPO F7. It is a pretty and well designed phone with great performing rear camera. A selfie camera that can do more than the competition with its AI beautification and AI stickers.

The battery can last for a while and lastly, it is powered by a game changing processor, the MediaTek P60!

Anyway, in case you want to own one. Here's your chance! Read on!

Let's move on to the raffle mechanics. For you to win the OPPO F7, you need to do the following.


1. Like, comment and share this Facebook post on your Facebook wall publicly. Use the hashtags #GIZGUIDEPH, #OPPOF7, and #HelioP60.

2. In the comments section on Facebook, type the reason why you want and why you should win the OPPO F7.

3. Attach two photos: A picture of your current phone's AnTuTu score side by side with the picture of the AnTuTu score of the OPPO F7. See the image below for your reference.
Like this
Like this

Note 1: AnTuTu is a benchmark app that you can download on Google Play or Apple App Store.
Note 2: You may download the OPPO F7 image with AnTuTu score in this link.
Note 3: Screenshots are not allowed. Please take a photo of your phone before putting it side by side with the F7.

4. Lastly, Tag three (3) of your friends that would want you to win!

And, that's it!

We will be reading and viewing each comment on the article. We will randomly pick 5 names using a randomizer tool. The one with the lowest AnTuTu score wins.

We will draw and announce the winner on June 8, 2018!

Good luck everyone!
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