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Open Signal: Smart increases lead in overall mobile data download speeds

OpenSignal just released a mobile data download speeds analysis and it showed Smart doubling their speeds over the past year due to LTE availability.
OpenSignal shows Smart LTE speeds double from 2017
OpenSignal shows Smart LTE speeds double from 2017

The report released covers the months of May 2017 up to April 2018. OpenSignal that this is a "phenomenal growth in overall download speed". The term "overall download speed" refers to OpenSignal's metric that takes 4G and 34 speeds into account and the level of access consumers have to each type of network.

OpenSignal first noticed that increase in Smart LTE speeds on September 2017. This is when LTE speeds really started to take off. This can be attributed to Smart's effort to close the gap between them and their competitors in 4G/LTE availabilty. Smart is now looking to continue their effort by rolling out LTE-A and carrier aggregation to Batanes, Baguio, Puerto Prinsesa, Quezon City and Saranggani.

They already installed a lot of LTE base stations in their existing cell sites to make way for LTE activation as well as LTA-A. LTE-A will boost speeds by combining the capacity of 2 - 5 frequency bands.  The bands that are now in use are 700 MHz, 1800 MHz and 2100 MHz. 

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