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Samsung's ISOCELL Plus camera tech enhances low-light mobile photos

Korea's Samsung is upgrading its camera tech with the introduction of ISOCELL Plus, allowing smartphone users to capture more accurate and clearer photos. 
Samsung's ISOCELL Plus camera tech enhances low-light mobile photos
How ISOCELL plus improves light sensitivity and color fidelity

It was in 2013 when Samsung launched ISOCELL technology to establish a "physical barrier" between pixels to avoid color crossover and enable each pixel to absorb more light. But since the barrier was composed of a metal grid, sometimes, the light can be reflected. 

With the upgraded version, the smartphone brand replaced the metal barrier with a "new material", claiming this provides higher color fidelity and enhances light sensitivity to up to 15 percent. 

Samsung tapped Japanese camera manufacturer Fujifilm for this "new material."

The ISOCELL Plus will not only enable the development of ultra-high-resolution sensors with incredibly small pixel dimensions but also bring performance advancements for sensors with larger pixel designs, said Ben Hur, vice president of System LSI marketing at Samsung Electronics.

Although it is not clear yet as to what devices will be equipped with this technology, Samsung is set to demonstrate this at the Mobile World Congress. 

Are you guys excited for this?

Source: Samsung
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