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Top 5 reasons to like Vivo's In-Display fingerprint scanner

Vivo X21 is launched in the country today with the first-ever in-display fingerprint scanner, but, what's to like about it? 
Top 5 reasons to like In-Display fingerprint scanner
Vivo X21 in-display fingerprint scanner

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The in-display fingerprint scanner is the latest smartphone security feature and an innovation from Vivo. Aside from the most recent face unlock the technology has introduced to us, this security makes unlocking convenient too.

We've rounded up five reasons for how in-display fingerprint scanning is better, more convenient for you.

Top 5 reasons to like Vivo's In-Display fingerprint scanner

1. Maximized smartphone display The first time fingerprint scanners were introduced to us, it comes with a thumbnail-sized button at the bottom display of a smartphone. But now, with an in-display fingerprint scanner, we get a whole lot of screen, ditching the traditional home/fingerprint button. 

2. Another security option - Aside from the face unlock that we currently have in our smartphones, the in-display fingerprint sensor is not just another security feature, but a more convenient and more secure option.

3. Authorize access with wet fingers! We use our smartphones all-day long. And personally, after washing my hands and using a smartphone with a physical home button before, would not let me access my phone without drying my hands first! But with an in-display fingerprint scanner, you can access your messages just by a quick tap of fingers on the screen. Cool, right?

4. Faster and more secure - Since most of us are using are smartphones to do our personal affairs, from banking transactions to accessing sensitive documents, continuous authentication is needed. With an in-display fingerprint scanner, we get a faster authentication without compromising security.

5. A taste of things to come Since the introduction of this in-display fingerprint scanner, we have yet to open more windows to the future. This latest security technology is a testament that innovations are not stopping, they are continuously coming.

The Vivo X21 is priced at PHP 29,999. It will be available nationwide starting June 22, 2018.

What do you think of the in-display fingerprint scanner? Let us know in the comments!
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