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Canon help modernize Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center

Canon Marketing Philippines Inc. announced their partnership with Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center. They will work together to modernize the hospital.
Canon help modernize Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center
Canon modernize Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center

They will work to improve the hospital's document management to boost performance and efficiency across all departments. They want to continue providing quality service while keeping up with a more digital environment.

The CGHMC's operation has always been paper-intensive since their beginnings. But, with more advanced technology become more available they look to adapt and take advantage of them. They want to be in the same playing field as their competitions.

Dr. James Dy, President and CEO of CGHMC stated this about the improvements:

It has only been a few months since the commencement of this partnership, and we are already seeing positive changes. Currently being maximized by our Medical Records, Accounting, and HR Departments, we have seen improvements across our Hospital Information System (HIS), Document Management System (DMS), Human Resource Information System (HRIS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). 

Canon's Document Management System or DMS called Therefore will be one of the 4 systems that will be implemented in the hospital. The hospital already felt incremental improvement in terms of document retention for both employees and internal workflows allowing to function more efficiently, economically, and securely.

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