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GrabFood and Grab Daily goes official in the Philippines

Grab is pushing for a smarter way for consumers to complete their daily tasks such on-demand food delivery, logistics, cashless payments and financial services.
Grab Food and Grab Daily now official in PH
GrabFood and Grab Daily now official in PH

Consumers will now be able to commute, eat, deliver packages and pay for daily essentials through one Grab app as GrabFood and GrabDaily goes official here in the Philippines.
Grab Food
Grab Food

First off, consumers now can order their meal and eat wherever they need it delivered with GrabFood. Grab users can now order food from nearby restaurants with this new feature within the Grab app. There are no minimum order requirement in order to use the service. GrabFood has a variety of existing and new delivery partners that can enjoy additional income and job opportunities from this service.

Restaurants and food establishments now have their own online storefront to serve an increasingly mobile and online consumer base. They can now enjoy a new source of income other than their physical stores. They can also enjoy using GrabFood's promotional schemes and marketing channels.

GrabFood was first implemented in Jakarta back in 2016 and was beta-tested in Bangkok in 2017. Now, the Philippines will now be able to enjoy the same success GrabFood achieved in these cities as well.

GrabFood will automatically detect the consumer's location when placing an order. It will make personalized recommendations according to your location and the nearby restaurants in your vicinity. During delivery, consumers will be able to track the driver within  the app in real time.

They can also used GrabChat to relay special instructions to the driver such as non-spicy or a directions upon checkout. In the near future, Grab looks to make the process more seamless and efficient for faster transactions.

As of now, cash on delivery is the only payment method available but Grab is working on enabling GrabPay for cashless transactions. They are also working on allowing consumers gain GrabReward points per order.
Grab Daily
Grab Daily

After GrabFood, they are also making an everyday app called Grab Daily. Grab Daily will have personalized features and content such as games, lifestyle news and recommendations so that users will be more engaged with Grab app. Grab Daily can be accessed on the app's side menu.

There is also a beta launch for GrabAssistant wherein users can book a personal shopper to order or lineup for them in case they need to purchase important items but are in a hectic schedule or unable to visit the store of their choice.

Shopee and GrabExpress also teamed up so that shoppers can opt to go for a same day express delivery option. In terms of financial services, driver partners can now build credit histories with Grab to qualify for loans that they previously never had access to. They can also enjoy innovative in-app insurance solutions for their vehicles, livelihood and families.

What do you guys think? Are you an avid Grab user?

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