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Vivo V9 vs OPPO F7 Camera Features Comparison

We just did a camera features comparison of two capable camera smartphones, the Vivo V9 and the OPPO F7. Let us see how each of them performed.
Vivo V9 vs OPPO F7 Camera Features Comparison
Vivo V9 vs OPPO F7

The Vivo V9 has a 16 + 5MP dual camera system at the back while the OPPO F7 only has a single 16MP sensor as its main camera. Daylight shots are a close battle but the Vivo V9 overtook the OPPO F7 in terms of portrait shots due to its dual camera system that takes advantage of the extra sensor for better depth of field. 

In addition to that, the Vivo V9 allows the user to adjust the aperture size to adjust how much background blur the photo has. You can even adjust the focus after taking the photo. The OPPO F7 also has a portrait mode but you cannot adjust the aperture size or the after shot bokeh effect.

Both phones' portrait mode is AI assisted so the background blur looks more natural than ever. However, the Vivo V9's background blur is more natural looking against the OPPO F7's shot and the V9's edge detection is better as well.

Both phones has HDR mode. The Vivo V9 calls their own AI HDR as it is supposedly able to catch more detail and dynamic range by taking twelve shots in one snap. But, OPPO F7's HDR mode takes HDR photos that looks as good as Vivo's "AI-assisted" HDR. There are not much of an advantage between the two in this department.

For selfies, the Vivo V9 has a 24MP f/2.0 sensor while the OPPO F7 has a bigger 25MP f/2.0 sensor. Both has AI assistance for beautified shot yet natural looking selfies. Even with the OPPO F7's bigger sensor, the selfie battle is practically even. There are times that the V9 has more detailed and sharper shots but there are times that it is the other way around. The AI Beautification feature on both devices has more natural results as well.

The Vivo V9 selfie AI feature can also learn details such as your age, gender, skin texture and tone, lighting condition and scene and adjust the settings for the best selfie. The OPPO F7, on the other hand can analyze the face in more than 296 recognition spots and beautifies it in 3 individual zones.

Both device also has built-in AR stickers. The Vivo V9 has more than 40 built-in AR stickers while the OPPO F7 has 18 built-in stickers. Both devices has no selfie LED flash so they added their own screen flash for lowlight selfies. 

They both also have face unlock features. The Vivo V9 takes the lead here since it is more secure since it won't unlock the phone if your eyes are closed.

After these tests, we can conclude that both phones are great camera smartphones that are packed with features. Sometimes the Vivo V9 will take the lead but sometimes the OPPO F7 surpasses it. For selfies, they are tied in our eyes.

What do you guys think? Which is better for you?

Let us know in the comments!
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