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Smart Glasses is the future of AR according to Epson

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality is a popular topic in terms of the future of technology. VR and AR has seen some reality in them through innovations.
Epson Smart Glasses with AR technology
Epson Smart Glasses with AR technology

In terms of popularity, VR has been the noise-maker between the two since more companies are manufacturing more commercial VR tech. But AR is breaking new grounds in the enterprise side of the market.

While VR puts you in a different world and immerse you through the headset and audio, AR puts digital imagery over real world objects. Now, if you put AR technology in smart glasses then blending digital information with the physical world allows hands-free operation in work environments such as healthcare, logistics, maintenance, and construction.

AR has a future in games and entertainment but the most exciting part of it comes in the enterprise world. Engineers, architects, healthcare professionals and more will definitely benefit from AR technology. Apple, Microsoft, Google and Facebook are all providing expansive toolsets for developers to create apps for AR making the future bright for AR. 

Epson launched their first Moverio smart glasses in Southeast Asia back in 2012. Now, their latest models in the BT-350 and the BT-2200, offer video and access to AR experience for both commercial and industrial market application. 

With this, we can expect smart glasses to become more common and AR technology along with it. Maybe it can catch on and become more stylish and can be worn as part of your everyday wardrobe.

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