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Starmobile has now three affordable Quadband 4G LTE-powered smartphones, starts at PHP 1,888!

Starmobile's Quadband affordable LTE smartphones are compatible with Smart LTE frequencies nationwide.
Starmobile has now three affordable Quadband 4G LTE-powered smartphones, starts at PHP 1,888!
Starmobile phones with Quadband 4G LTE

Starmobile assured that they aim to bring "the best LTE experience" through their affordable LTE powered-smartphones.
FeautreSmart Evo 1
FeautreSmart Evo 1

One of these smartphones is the Starmobile FeatureSmart Evo 1 that retails for PHP 1,888. It is hotspot capable and runs Facebook Messenger and Viber smoothly most of the time.
Starmobile UP Prime
Starmobile UP Prime

Another is Starmobile UP Prime runs on the Android operating system and has access to the Google's Playstore and all of its apps. It has a large 5-inch display and has a reliable connection to both WiFi and LTE.
Starmobile UP Selfie
Starmobile UP Selfie

The third and last phone is the Starmobile UP Selfie with a dual selfie camera set up that allows for an awesome portrait and wide-angle selfie modes.

Both web sharing and gaming experience are now seamless with Starmobile because of its LTE compatibility.

Starmobile is proud to offer several LTE devices to Filipinos across the country, said Starmobile Marketing and Sales Head Ardie Balderrama. An affordable LTE-compatible device is a crucial element in elevating the internet experience of Filipinos from all walks of life.

To fully enjoy Smart’s blazing fast 4G LTE network, users need 3 key elements: SPD - an LTE-ready SIM, an LTE-covered Place, and an LTE-capable Device,” said PLDT-Smart VP & Head of Consumer Business Market Development Enrico Reyes, Jr. “Starmobile’s devices help us bring our best services closer to even more Filipinos thanks to their affordable prices. 

Smart Communications has access to four frequency bands across the nation: Bands 2100MHz, 1800MHz, 850MHz, and 700MHz.

Having all 4 of Smart’s LTE bands compatible with the Starmobile UP Prime, FeatureSmart Evo 1, and UP Selfie ensures that our users can watch HD movies, play online games, or stream songs seamlessly wherever Smart’s LTE network is present, said Balderrama. No other phone brand can offer the same value.

Get connected with LTE and enjoy all of the benefits with Starmobile's latest offerings through Starmobile's website: starmobile.ph/shop or by visiting store.smart.com.ph.

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