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OnePlus to rebrand Dash Charge as WARP Charge?

OnePlus just applied for the EU trademark of the term WARP charge. This could be the rebranded name of Dash Charge that was previously rejected for trademark.
OnePlus to rebrand Dash Charge as WARP Charge?
OnePlus WARP Charge

During the OnePlus 6 global launch, the company "cautiously stayed away" from the term Dash Charge while they were explaining the battery department. Dash Charge has been one of the company's unique features. Even on the change log of the OxygenOS Open Beta updates, the term Dash Charge is replaced by "charging rapidly". Even stores that supply Dash Charging cables replaced their names with fast charging cables.

The EU trademark application was made at the European Union Intellectual Property Office and falls under the Nice class of 9. The Nice Classification system gives general information about the type of goods or services intended to be covered under the trademark.

The OnePlus application in relation to data cables, power adapters, cell phone battery chargers, electrical adapters, batteries, electric chargers for electric batteries, and wireless chargers. Once the application is approved, we can expect OnePlus to formally re-introduce their Dash Charge system.

Are you up for this rebranding? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Source: Fonearena
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