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Samsung reveals "unbreakable" OLED panel

Samsung Display just announced a new and interesting type of OLED panel that they developed. An "unbreakable" flexible OLED panel to be exact.
Samsung announces new unbreakable OLED panel
Samsung announces new unbreakable OLED panel

This panel is developed for smartphones and has underwent the certification process of Underwriters Laboratories that works for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the US Department of Labor.

They said that the new OLED panel passed the military level real-time durability tests set by the US Department of Defense. Which means that this is practically a military-grade component.

Samsung said that even though this panel is "unbreakable" it will retain a lightweight form, transmissivity and hardness that is very similar to glass. Aside from future smartphones the panel may see action in automobile displays, military devices, portable game consoles and tablet PCs.

The test consisted of a series of drops. The first phase was 26 drops from 1.2 meters. Next came the high and low temperature tests between 71 degrees to -32 degrees Celsius. Then lastly it was dropped for 1.8 meters which was more than the US military qualifications and the panel cam out unscathed.

What do you guys think?

Source: GSMArena
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